About Us

« Happiness is a how, not a what. A talent, not an object »
wrote Herman Hesse

A way of living, inventing, discovering oneself... a blossoming from within.
At soandso, creations are born from these experiences; symbols and traces left behind from journeys undertaken. Discovery takes on a form and becomes an object. A happy object.
Travels animate our treasures and place their intangible seal. They come hallmarked with an authentically French masterly craftsmanship and the inspiration of their designer.

Sophie Pignodel, Founder


Creative horizons

The precious, shimmering colours of Northern India, the crystal clear skies of Bhutan, the soft red dunes of Namibia... Here and there precious stones, textiles, black elephants... but also a sea urchin, a twig, a pebble. So near and yet... so far.
Aix-en-Provence? A return to the roots, a source of daily inspiration. A minerality which drapes both mountains and architecture... A contrariety of vegetation, with olive groves and scrubland... A metallic oxidation which feeds wells and fountains...
This creative melting pot, the genesis of soandso, shapes our collections.

Inspirations matières

Our materials

are a sure thing!

Take chainmail, with its industrious and hostile origins. With a change of perspective, the metallic braiding becomes our ally, an inspiration for creation. Cuff bracelets, beaded neckwear, bands... Ultimate refinement, it even comes camouflaged in sleeper earrings. This is what it means to love the materials!
Along the way, others have become celebrated too; leathers of goat and cow, Milanese mesh, linen, not to mention our precious stones...
All that remains is to choose your fitting: 18 carat gold, 925 silver or vermeil: regardless of their distinctions, all will go far.

Nomadic inspirations

something familiar

Our ethnic jewels: ornamentation conjuring up precious memories? No. On the contrary: jewellery of French excellence, a synergistic blend of raw and refined, a universal oneness born from duality.
Though two of our collections pay direct homage to peregrination, all of them are emissaries sent to reveal a world of beauty and simplicity: a twig, a stone, a sea urchin, a bead... Like small pebbles that show us the way, their preciousness reveals a personality; yours, here and there.

Inspirations namibie