Chainmail and rocks, beads and twigs...a sea urchin and a pebble, Namibia, Bhutan...
Searching for dialogue or opposition, our collections disclose their identity and the variations ricochet into infinity.

Whether bracelets, necklaces, rings or earrings... Thick or thin, single or double, simple or ornate, silver, gold or vermeil, with precious stones or not, our assertive jewels are ready for marriage.

soandso collection billes


Before they could roll, they had to go through fire. A raw collection of beauty, also available with precious stones


With their sacred garlands and prayer wheels, the Himalayas told us their tales... Inspired by promising visions, this spiritual collection will adorn wrists, ears and neck with grace

soandso collection Bloom
soandso collection Bloom


Efflorescence barely touched by oxidation or gold, virginal in it's simplicity, but brimming with life force.


According to nature's incredible variety, there is a flower for every taste, sometimes ethereal, sometimes substantial: from pistils to water lilies, they all blossom in this precious herbarium.

soandso collection blossom
soandso collection brindilles


Lining the forest floor or lengthening branches, twigs are turned into rings and bracelets. They either mix and match with other collections or just play it solo, as essential body ornaments.


The rolling stone gathered no moss, but picked up moonstones, diamonds, aquamarines and goat leather on its way... Finally, with its cabochons and straps, this Tom Thumb collection of pebbles fills a pouch of treasures.

soandso collection caillou
soandso collection cotte de mailles


The art of deviating from the norm, that's the first step we always take. Leaving behind its place in battle, our metallic braiding has now reached its couture destiny. A magnificent cuff effect.


Rings, bangles, double bracelets or bands, a hint of geometry puts their raffish nature back into perspective. A seemingly simple profile, but don't be fooled...

soandso collection grenaille
soandso collection namibie


With the delicacy of red sand dunes, tassels and other trinkets lighten the stereotype of ethnic jewellery : a collection of very far away inspirations.

Sea Urchin

A jewel that exhales its sun and sea memories. No spines in this miraculous catch of soft wristbands and leather chokers.

soandso collection oursin
soandso collection rocaille


Stringed beads like a series of precious moments to cherish, delicate souvenirs brought home from meaningful meanderings.


Mikado, skein of wool, mishmash... You sometimes need to tangle up the thread before unwinding it. Twist and weave : a fine way to make one's nest !

soandso collection twist

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