Workshop Secrets

Meet artistry and style at the house of soandso ; the fusion of craftsmanship and material creates an exclusive collection. We could keep our "savoir-faire" truly sealed, just like our jewellery, but our most precious trade secret, however, is that of sharing in total confidence! This passion creates a chain and we invite you to become a link. This is our vision and tradition, embedded with flair in well guarded French mastery...

Les ateliers soandso


A third dimension

Aix-en-Provence, 43° North, 5° East, 205 m above sea level. To the nearest cypress or rockrose, this is where the soandso designer crystallises her feelings. They are gathered and plucked as she walks her life path, then sedimented in the intimacy of her workshop: a blueprint, some precious blends, a matte or glossy ornament, a leather strap, a link... It all just needs to come together, to be given shape, from the idea. The primary prerequisite before fabrication? A mock up of the template, from jewellers and leather workers.


The modelling

Refining foundry

Let's head to provencal Drôme and some more bucolic operating studios for soandso. In this workshop, the first wax models that will be used as moulds are formed. Lost wax casting will then create the desired metal piece; a real craftsmanship technique, this very fine process excels for all creations, whether simple or complex.

soandso modelage


Our artistic decree

With polishing or gem setting, our jewels are finished by hand and by eye. Using the required techniques and ad hoc tooling, some models are created in our Drôme workshop, others in Aix-en-Provence. This is where all assemblies take place, manually, in any combination, with utmost care.

soandso Finitions


An in-depth treatment

It might seem like a bad word, but this is what galvanises our jewels durably. Take solid silver 925 / 1000, or even brass for several - not many - of our models; coat it electrolytically with a gold layer... and with this surface treatment, our jewel, yours now, is well dressed, for the duration!

soandso Galvanoplastie


The absolute must of skin to skin

Goat leather to cushion the Pebble collection, or calfskin to soothe the sting of the Sea urchin collection... All leathers originate from France or Italy. Renowned for the excellence of their work, our two tanners guarantee a vegetal tanning: in other words, chrome-free. As a bonus, with this sustainable development, these skins acquire a unique patina over time.

sonandso ateliers maroquinerie


A new dimension for stitching

As labour doesn't necessarily finish with metal processing, this workshop is a precious ally. Masters of small leather goods, from leather casing to polishing, we ensure our bracelets have all the subtleties of hand-stitched craftsmanship. It sounds like nothing, it sounds like everything, it's all a story of details.

And still more

Shrines like jewels

Larch wood, pine, sanded down wagon planks coated with bitumen of Judea... Old school desks upcycled as confidential showcases... Creations ex nihilo under a blacksmith's flame, a perpetuation of the traditions of yore: working with heat, hammer and anvil. With genuine elbow grease or complementary know-how, nothing is too much or too special to provide a striking presentation for our rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets.

sonandso ateliers ferronnier
sonandso ateliers écrins