Unique and imperfect jewellery created and designed in Aix-en-Provence

soandso, handcraft jewelry creation space of Aix-en-Provence

A large jewelry and accessories handcraft creation workshop, soandso draws its inspiration from nature, between the infinitely large and the infinitely small. Our creations such as the Moon necklace, the Twig ring, the Bahia earrings, or the Lichen pendant are the result of the subtle alchemy between metals, precious stones and living curves.

Born in 2007, our brand has developed under the bright light of Aix-en-Provence, in the south of France. Sophie, who is the creator of the brand, surrounded herself very early on with the best craftsmen to work with the materials traditionally used in the manufacture of jewelry such as gold, silver, vermeil, ...

She is passionate about the world of jewelry and natural beauty, she combines with care and elegance, metals and stones to produce a result out of the ordinary. Each of the pieces born from the delicate shaping of the raw materials integrates a certain asymmetry, characteristic of the universe of nature. This results in the creation of raw, timeless, authentic, perfectly imperfect jewelry representing the soandso trademark.

All our creations proudly bear this identity and are aimed at both men and women. Combining simplicity and elegance, they are very easy to put on and comfortable (to wear). They are also in line with the spirit of the times, which gives pride of place to precious accessories by sublimating, according to your mood, a Rock or neo preppy* look, or both at the same time! The trend is "Mix and match" and our collections also know how to mix and match with audacity and harmony. A Lichen bracelet will be a perfect match for a Billes wedding band for an evening. The stones of a Bahia necklace will sublimate a silver and gold Niger necklace!

Designed to last, our timeless jewelry is very trendy and adapts easily, whatever the fashion of the moment.

However, the simplicity of our jewels goes hand in hand with the requirement and the authenticity of our work, in a discreet atmosphere so dear to our brand. The necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings that we design, give priority to details and the quality of the materials used in their manufacture. While taking into account the know-how of the French artisanal tradition, all our creations are handmade, with care and delicacy.

Whatever the moment: to mark an occasion, a date or to celebrate an event (birthday, wedding, baptism, birth, etc.), some of our original and French jewels are customizable (engraving made by hand). It is also possible to add precious or semi-precious stones (diamond, citrine, peridot, amethyst, aquamarine, emerald, moonstone, sapphire, tourmaline, rhodolite, smoky quartz, ruby) in order to combine the harmony of natural forms with the subtle elegance and different properties of the mineral world.

And if you wish, you can have some of our models of bracelets, necklaces and necklaces adjusted. Do not hesitate to visit our online catalog, to discover all our creations.

Designer jewelry for a unique gift

Designer jewelry is nowadays very appreciated for its authenticity and uniqueness. It is thanks to their artisanal manufacture that they are customizable and available in 48 hours. You wish to offer a present for an event that is really important to you or simply for a little attention? Our creations, such as the gold designer ring, are there for you. Find the perfect gift among our designer jewelry (necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings).

Whether it's for a birthday or a wedding, each silver or gold designer ring in our collection perfectly expresses all the love and attachment you feel for the person for whom it is intended. The power of symbolism and the virtues of the most delicate minerals permeate our creations adorned with precious or semi-precious stones. Designer bracelets are a wonderful gift that you can give for Mother's Day for example, or for any special occasion.

The same goes for our designer earrings (creoles, chips, pendants, sleepers) which combine elegance and modernity. Our collections of original necklaces represent an exceptional gift that is sure to delight the heart of its recipient. Between/among the necklaces Cotte de Mailles, Rocaille, Namibia, Niger and Blossom, the choice is vast and you only have to let yourself be carried away by your desires.

Original and raw jewelry with timeless charm

soandso is the guarantee of an original, raw, timeless and refined piece of jewelry, made with resistant materials. All our pieces, as discreet and delicate as they may be, are designed in accordance with quality standards and are carefully inspected before being put on sale. Our creations are made with noble metals such as gold, silver or vermeil. Choosing our brand means choosing the quality and charm of jewelry with a discreet and unique character.

At soandso, our jewels are made with the help of our French craftsmen with an undeniable know-how. They are worked with raw materials to give birth to delicately imperfect jewelry. If you wish to offer a gift to someone dear to your heart or to wear an accessory full of emotion, bet on our French designer jewels. We offer timeless jewelry collections that will meet all your expectations.

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