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Bhoutan, a jewelry designer collection with faraway inspirations

Oxidized silver, vermeil or sterling silver necklace, the Bhoutan collection multiplies itself!

The Bhoutan collection is inspired by faraway lands, and more precisely by the sacred garlands and prayer wheels of this Asian country. soandso offers designer necklaces in sterling silver, oxidized silver and vermeil through this collection. The brand does not hesitate to associate and play with materials, for original and refined designer jewelry. For example, the sterling silver necklace combines perfectly with gold or oxidized silver in subtle contrasts. 

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Bhoutan bracelets jewelry, an essential of the collection

The Bhoutan collection owes its success to the double turn bracelet. Here too, the materials are combined to bring even more originality to these designer jewelry pieces. The fine silver bracelet Bhoutan is available in silver and/or oxidized silver for a more feminine side, or on the contrary more rock. You can choose among many variations, to find the one that best suits your style. 

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Bhoutan collection: original designer earrings in silver or gold 

To be worn as a set or alone, the earrings sterling silver Bhoutan will bring sensuality and originality to your outfits. The oxidized silver version will be perfect for the rockier looks and the vermeil one for the more feminine looks. Anyway, you will find the pair of Bhoutan designer earrings that suits you. soandso also offers many other designer earrings (silver or gold hoops, studs...) original and modern. 

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