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Brindilles: a thin and delicate jewelry designer collection

Brindilles collection: designer rings for women to be assembled endlessly 

The Brindilles designer ring is easily distinguishable from other soandso jewelry: thin and delicate, it keeps its original side in its imperfect shape which makes all its charm. The creations of the Brindilles collection sublimate the other soandso jewels with delicacy. Solo, the Brindilles designer ring is discreet and feminine, while bringing a touch of originality. Succumb to the Brindilles sterling silver ring, also available in vermeil or oxidized silver. For even more elegance and sensuality, the original gold Brindilles ring (pink, white or yellow gold) is perfect. 

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Brindilles collection: earrings hoops silver or gold 

To continue in this simple line (but which does not demerit), the Brindilles collection is expanded with silver or gold hoop earrings, in large or medium model. The XL Brindilles earrings hoops silver are timeless and will underline the jewelry of the other soandso collections. Alone, they will affirm and sublimate your day or evenings looks. The golden version of the XL earrings hoops silver will bring even more feminity. Combine the Brindilles hoop earrings with studs or other soandso hoop earrings and don't hesitate to play on the mismatched side!

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Brindilles collection: bangle bracelet gold or silver? 

A bangle bracelet gold and a silver one complete this Brindilles collection. Subtle, these bracelets handmade are original because of their hammered shape, which gives a raw spirit, just like the brand. Nevertheless, the Brindilles sterling silver bangle retains its delicacy through its thin lines. To be worn alone or in combination, the Brindilles bracelets jewelry go with any type of bracelet and any type of outfit. Timeless, they are to be kept on your wrist daily, like a second skin. 

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