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Caillou: a jewelry designer collection unique and timeless

Caillou, a jewelry designer collection delicately enhanced by white diamonds

Caillou is a collection of original designer rings and leather bracelets. To bring even more relief and originality to these designer jewels, they are matte. On some models, the addition of one or several white diamonds contrasts with this matte finish in a sumptuous result. The designer jewelry of the Caillou collection was created with the idea that they can be assembled together, for original combinations as you like. For example, an original matte vermeil 1 diamond Caillou ring will be magnified by the addition of a small silver designer ring. 

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Caillou collection: original designer rings for women

The Caillou collection is primarily known for its original designer rings for women. Whether large or small, the Caillou designer ring is available in sterling silver or vermeil, with a matte or shiny finish. The Caillou designer ring can also be set with a white diamond, which will bring a refined side, contrasting with the originality of the jewel. For the most daring among you, the Caillou ring can also be set with 3 white diamonds, for a tenfold sparkle. As you can see, the original Caillou designer rings can be assembled in infinite combinations, according to your preferences. 

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Caillou collection: bracelets handmade with leather and silver or gold

A leather and silver bracelet for women also completes this Caillou collection. The originality is also found here in the shape of the pattern but also in the bracelet that wraps twice around the wrist. The thinness of the leather brings a feminine and raw side. This leather and silver bracelet for women is set with a white diamond, which brings brightness to the jewel and contrasts with the mattness of the leather. It's possible to choose between a light or dark leather color. 

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