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Cotte de mailles, a timeless jewelry designer collection since 2007

The Cotte de mailles collection multiplies itslef through various bracelets jewelry 

The Cotte de mailles jewelry designer collection is emblematic of the brand, since it's with this line that soandso was created in 2007. For more than 10 years, this collection reinvents itself into timeless pieces. The trendy silver bracelet Cotte de mailles is available in several versions, from the thinnest to the widest, for children or adults. The Cotte de mailles bracelet gold will bring even more feminity to the wrist. The Cotte de mailles cuff is charismatic and will magnify your outfits on its own. Whether it is a revisited bracelet or a light and solid cord bracelet, children will also find their happiness within the Cotte de mailles designer jewelry collection. 

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Wide sterling silver ring: a must-have of the Cotte de mailles collection

The wide sterling silver ring Cotte de mailles is a timeless and essential of the brand. All the originality comes from the material used, which will wrap nicely your finger. The large silver ring is available in gold for a more refined look or in ruthenium, to reinforce the rough and industrial aspect of the Cotte de mailles. Our famous silver ring is available in several sizes. However, if you have any doubts, or if yours is no longer available, do not hesitate to contact soandso's customer service so that we can make the right size for you! 

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Gold or sterling silver necklace from the Cotte de mailles collection

The Cotte de mailles collection ends with a sterling silver necklace and a gold-plated necklace. These two pieces of jewelry are elegant and refined designer necklaces that contrast with the originality and industrial side of the Cotte de mailles. The silver necklace or the gold plated one will bring charm to your day and evening outfits. The gold version will reinforce the refined and feminine aspect of the necklace. 

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