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Grenaille, a jewelry designer collection subtly original 

Grenaille, a collection of unique designer rings for women 

The Grenaille thin designer ring is an emblematic piece of the collection. This original ring goes perfectly with the Billes thin ring or the Brindilles ring. Available in sterling silver, oxidized silver or in vermeil, the Grenaille thin designer ring will suit all styles! The large sterling silver ring Grenaille is ideal for a more assertive look. Alone, its presence does not demerit and will bring originality to your style. Choose the vermeil version for more feminity or the oxidized version for more authenticity. 

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Grenaille also proposes a silver ring for men

Because soandso creates jewelry for both women and men, the Grenaille collection is completed through a silver ring for men. Thick, the Grenaille silver ring for men makes a bold and authentic statement. Succumb to the oxidized version to reinforce the raw side of this handcrafted ring. Do not hesitate to associate this jewel with a leather and silver bracelet for men that matches perfectly. 

Grenaille collection: thin bangle bracelets jewelry 

The Grenaille sterling silver bangle will wrap your wrist with delicacy. The originality is found in the designs patterns of the Grenaille collection. This sterling silver bangle is available in oxidized or golden version. Do not hesitate to associate these bracelets designer with a wide Billes bangle or a thin bangle Brindilles. Also, it is possible to add a chain bracelet for a mix & match result at your image. 

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