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Namibie collection: an original jewelry designer collection with faraway inspirations

Thin sterling silver bracelets handmade from Namibie collection

soandso reinvents the ethnic jewelry, by imagining this thin silver bracelet for women. The Namibie collection draws its inspiration from faraway lands and translates into simple, discreet but original designer jewelry. The thin silver bracelet Namibie can be worn alone or in combination with other soandso bracelets or chains. The Namibie thin sterling silver bracelet is available in oxidized silver to strengthen the authentic and ethnic side. The vermeil version will bring, as for it, feminity and distinction. The Namibie silver bracelet for women can also be worn at the ankle with its adjustment chain.

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Namibie collection: sterling silver necklace with ethnic inspirations

In the same design as the bracelet, the Namibie sterling silver necklace is thin and delicate. The originality is found in the shape of the small pendants, echoing the ethnic inspiration of this collection. The Namibie silver necklace can be worn alone as a chocker, or in association with other soandso necklaces. The Namibie sterling silver necklace is available in oxidized silver, for a more authentic look. The vermeil version will be, as for it, for a more feminine and sophisticated look. 

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The Namibie long designer necklace complete this original collection

Unlike the other jewelry in this collection, the Namibie long designer necklace is imposing and original. The various versions mix materials in beautiful and unique combinations. On a neckline, or around a turtleneck, the Namibie long necklace will bring originality and feminity to your looks. This one will magnify your outfits, whether it is during the day or for an evening. No need to associate other necklaces, the Namibie long necklace is enough on its own. 

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