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Twist, a resolutely modern jewelry designer collection

Twist, an original designer ring which declines itself in various versions

The Twist collection is characterized by its intertwined lines, like a ball of yarn. The large silver ring for women is deliberately imposing, for an original result and in the air of time. The sterling silver ring Twist is available in oxidized silver, for an even more assertive presence. The golden model will bring feminity and elegance. The large silver ring Twist can be worn on the middle or ring finger: alone, its presence does not disappoint. Associated with thin Brindilles rings, the Twist silver ring for women is magnified. 

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Twist collection dresses up with original hoop earrings 

Always in the same original design, we find within the Twist collection earrings hoops silver with a small diameter but a rather imposing width which confers an affirmed presence. The Twist earrings hoops silver are available in oxidized or gold, to fit and suit every style. Twist designer earrings are perfect with other smaller earrings or with studs. Don't hesitate to play with the mix & match trend, by combining different earrings, both in design and metal! 

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Twist open bangle bracelets for women 

The Twist sterling silver bangle bracelet completes this collection. Real designer jewelry, soandso does not skimp on the material which gives this raw spirit, characteristic of the brand. The Twist sterling silver bangle bracelet will assert itself on your wrist with modernity and elegance. Accompanied by thin chain bracelets (Moon or Niger collections), the beauty of this silver bangle bracelet will be magnified. Also available in oxidized or gold-plated versions to suit all styles, from the most authentic to the most elegant. The Twist sterling silver bangle bracelet fits very easily on all wrists thanks to its opening which makes it an adjustable jewel. 

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