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The designer necklace is unique by the design and materials used

The designer necklace differs from other jewelry on the market by its ability to give you a unique look. It's conceived with an exceptional know-how that favors the creation of timeless jewels of superior quality. To honor the artisanal tradition and to protect the planet, our jewels are entirely handcrafted in our workshops. 

The trendy jewelry of our Moon and Blossom collections are proof of the authenticity and passion brought to our manufacturing. Designed with noble metals such as gold and silver, they present a perfect balance between power and elegance. Let yourself be seduced by the timeless Moon sterling silver and 18k gold necklace, with its adjustable length and subtle finishes. 

The designer necklace: an original necklace

In jewelry, the designer is an artist whose imagination allows him to combine several elements to make unique jewels. He associates different shapes and materials, then varies the techniques and creates timeless jewelry, in the image of the person who will wear it. For women, the trendy jewelry from Bhoutan collection brings a certain singularity. Inspired by the sacred garlands and Buddhist prayer wheels of this Southeast Asian country, the collection is composed of delicate silver and gold beads and pearls that bring joy and comfort. 

Perfect on a neckline or a V-neck top, the Bhoutan 1 sphere sterling silver designer necklace will magnify your neck with refinement. To be even more original, choose the Bhoutan vermeil & silver 1 sphere 18k gold designer necklace, a jewel whose shades will enhance your complexion. If you're a fan of more sober shades, you will certainly like the oxidized version of the Bhoutan necklace, whose black color harmonizes with everything. 

Designer necklace for men and women 

Discover the exclusivity of our experience through our trendy necklaces for men and women. Our Lichen collection offers a wonderful range of original jewelry for couples. Unique pendants, which can be worn by both men and women, cleverly combined with gold, silver or vermeil chains, will perfectly complement formal or casual looks. 

As is often the case, nature invites itself into our collections in various forms. If you like the idea of wearing a natural touch as an adornment, you'll love the Lichen necklace in sterling silver and fine gold. Men will also be seduced by the more masculine models of designer necklaces, such as the original Lichen Oval sterling silver and oxidized silver necklace. Like all our creations, these necklaces are perfect for everyday wear or for special occasions.