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Love earrings, but don't want to wear the same ones you see in every stores in town? To stand out or to find earrings that match your desires, turning to designer jewelry is the best option.

Why opt for designer earrings? 

Handmade designer earrings are making a comeback in the current trend. This type of jewels is unlike any other, since each of them is born from the inspiration of the moment of the jeweler. This one imagines it, draws it, rectifies it before starting to choose the materials used. These different steps take time, but it's in this way that the most beautiful creations are born. So, make the choice of ethical jewelry!

Designer earrings: original earrings

There's no need to rush. Every detail is taken care of, resulting in beautiful, timeless earrings. The craftsman puts his soul into each creation, no matter what material he will use. Whether it's noble materials such as gold, silver, precious stones or recycled materials to which he gives a second life, the craftsman will know how to meet the expectations of his customers. You will inevitably find the earrings that will bring a small bohemian or original touch to a too strict look.

Designer earrings for women

Earrings have endured through the ages. Throughout history, they were worn by both women and men, for different reasons. For the sailors who wear one, it's a talisman to protect them during their journey at sea. For women, earrings were for a time a sign of their belonging to the high society. Today, this jewelry is adopted by many women. The silver designer hoops that we offer are available both in oxidized sterling silver and in fine gold. The designer thinks of its jewelry by emphasizing the ethical aspect of its approach. All materials are available locally, in order to favor the short circuit and reduce as much as possible the environmental impact of jewelry.

Our Bhoutan collection also includes original earrings. They're composed of small chains and of a multitude of oxidized silver beads separated in the center by a small sphere of non-oxidized sterling silver. The trendy earrings for women lend themselves to all fantasies.

Designer earrings in silver or gold, there's jewelry for everyone!

Original hoops or gold designer earrings, choice is wide for who loves earrings. Whether you wish to please yourself or to offer them, each model is the result of the know-how of an artist who wants to reveal the beauty of women. A beauty as atypical as its timeless hoops, as original and sunny as its Bahia earrings made of gold and precious stones of different colors. Cut in "Double rose cut", Tourmaline and Rhodolite bring a touch of softness and refinement to earrings. And unlike jewelry produced on the chain, each stone is cut without rectifying imperfect shapes, which make them even more original.

For those who prefer hammered jewelry with unconventional shapes, the Moon earrings, with their discs riddled with craters are ideal. In large size to be conspicuous or in a smaller size for discretion, these silver or golden earrings are trendy and timeless. They can be worn for every occasion. 

soandso earrings are for those who appreciate imperfect jewelry. Formed of a stem and a butterfly clasp, Blossom collection ear studs are topped with a large ball itself made up of small balls of various sizes. Its imperfections give it a lot of character. Made of silver or covered with a thin layer of 18k gold, they're equally suitable for a strict outfit or a more casual look.

Some of us prefer raw jewelry. They symbolize strength. Made with materials that aren't very worked, they tell a desire to go back to nature. Silver designer earrings are no less precious.  Choose the type of jewelry that suits your temperament and the occasion, whether it's for everyday wear, heading to the office or a party.