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The desire to get out of the ordinary, not to bend to the classic jewelry, this is the reason for the existence of jewelry designers who creativity and ingenuity to create the rare piece, full of originality, which will enhance the wearer and bring out his or her personality. or the one who wears it and bring out his or her personality.

Why opt for a designer bracelet

The designer is above all an artist. He creates his jewelry according to his inspiration, often by hand. He takes the time to shape the metal, work the leather or the stones so that they are unique. If he creates a bracelet man of creator, it will not look like any other. Opting for a designer bracelet also means having the possibility of ordering a piece of jewelry that to get a jewel that looks like you, that has meaning for you. The bracelet will reflect both the passion of its creator and the image of the person who will wear it on his wrist. Choosing a designer bracelet is also an opportunity to to support the know-how of a craftsman, to have imperfect jewelry and therefore with a real personality.

The designer bracelet: an original bracelet

The designer bracelet requires a lot of work to design. Unlike industrial jewelry that is produced in a short time, practically on an assembly line, it requires a long time of work, as the materials used are worked piece by piece to create an original band or bracelet with character.

And even at the level of these materials, the creativity is there. Indeed, an original bracelet will not only be original by its shape. It will be because the designer will use unusual materials such as salvaged metal, glass, leather leather… But this does not exclude the fact that precious metals such as gold or silver are used in the jewelry created.

When we dive into the world of designer jewelry, we also open ourselves to a reappropriation and a personal interpretation on the part of the creator as is the case with rush bracelets. A bangle bracelet is a bracelet rigid, without clasp, which is not only intended as an ornament. Originally, it has many symbolic meanings. Symbol of freedom for some, amulet of protection or therapeutic virtue for others, the rush bracelet is today a timeless jewel, like the timeless, like the Grenaille rush bracelet or the Bloom bracelet in 925 silver.

bracelet créateur

Designer bracelets, for men and women

Designer bracelets cater to both men and women. Men's designer bracelets such as the double turn silver 925 is associated with quality goat leather, it is adorned with a precious stone, set in gold, which which gives it a touch of elegance. It is customizable, to fit all wrist sizes. What's interesting about interesting about designer bracelets is that they are unique. They can be modified according to your desires to make the original character of each one to the forefront.

The designer women's bracelet also comes in many models. The objective is to make original jewelry and to design a timeless bracelet that will remain in the air of time without bending to the dictates of fashion. It can be discreet, as it can be large, very textured, very worked. For example, we offer you the chain mail bracelet whose fall and size emphasize the femininity, softness, but also the strength that represent the intertwining of links. the intertwining of the links.

The designer bracelet in silver or silver and gold, there is something for everyone!

When we go to a goldsmith or a jewelry store, our dread and not finding the jewelry that that fits us. This cannot happen when you decide on a silver and gold designer bracelet. Gold is the precious metal precious metal par excellence. Since the dawn of time, its value has never stopped growing. Silver on the other hand is worn for its its neutrality, which adapts to all styles, boho, casual chic, or a little rebel. The association of these two metals gives an original bracelet or an unusual gold-plated silver band.

The Double Bhutan bracelet comes in different forms. Thus, you have the choice of the bracelet with a chain in Vermeil, 925 oxidized silver beads and a pretty 18k gold sphere, or for the same version, but this time with this time with non-oxidized silver beads.

Still in this category of bracelets combining gold and silver, we suggest the Namibia bracelet vermeil and beads silver