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Why opt for a designer ring?

Who talks about jewelry creators talks about original and unique accessories. Indeed, the creator is an artist who has a great know-how in the field of gems and jewelry. He has moreover the capacity to test all the possibilities in terms of model, size and material. This professional can therefore combine several elements to create a model in the spirit of the times. Each jewelry designer has his own signature, a kind of artistic signature that he places on each original ring he designs. This is a detail that's very important because it contributes to its uniqueness.

In addition, this type of jewelry carries a story, and sometimes even a message. Thus, when you wish to offer a unique piece of jewelry to a loved one to celebrate an event or to mark an important moment, it's preferable to choose a designer ring in gold or silver. Are you looking for an original and trendy ring to personalize according to your desires? At soandso, we create trendy jewelry that can be worn for each occasion.

They're designed to dress and sublimate your hand. Our different creations integrate simplicity, beauty, authenticity, and add an exceptional touch to your outfit. Whether you are looking for a formal, classy and chic, hipster or vintage look, you will certainly find the original soandso ring that will match your style.

The designer ring: an original ring

The most fashionable trend today is to wear personalized jewelry. The reason why designer rings in gold or silver are so popular these days is because of their uniqueness and diversity. The jewelry we offer is timeless and of the highest quality. Choose one of our diamond bead rings. These little marvels will sublimate your fingers and bring a touch of elegance and delicacy.

Looking for a more glamorous and daring style? Our simple or curved sea urchin rings will be perfect. Simple, fine and classy, our Fine Billes Rings are discreet and particularly elegant. They can be worn in all circumstances and enhance any outfit.

Designer rings for men and women

soandso creates original and trendy rings for both men and women: Bloom ring in oxidized sterling silver, Magma ring in oxidized or non-oxidized silver, Blossom XL draped in gold or made of silver: you will have a wide choice of these raw jewels. Find in our online catalog jewelry with an imperfect appearance.

Many timeless women's rings are available in different shapes and sizes in our store. You will surely succumb to the charm of our Caillou ring made of sterling silver. This jewel is composed of a white diamond set with 2 mm gold. Two other white diamonds of 1.5 mm set with gold accompany it. As for most of our jewels, it's also available in vermeil. Imperfect jewelry models such as the Blossom Pistil, the Billes Péridot, Quartz ring or the Cotte de Mailles, are specially designed to delicately enhance women's fingers.

The designer ring in gold, silver or vermeil, there's a jewel for every taste

The two metals traditionally used in the manufacture of rings are gold and silver. Every of our sterling silver pieces can be made of gold and you can choose the color of it : white, yellow or pink.  You can also choose the precious stones from some of our gem pieces, such as the Bahia necklace. 

In addition, other jewels in our collection, such as the Niger 3 ring, perfectly combine the two metals to produce a stunning result. This jewel composed of three welded rings is made with sterling silver and is surmounted by a 585/1000 (14k) Gold pattern. In addition, some of our jewelry is accompanied by a diamond set in gold, a precious stone that symbolizes love, romance and eternity. It's the ideal gift to amaze your partner. Others, on the other hand, are adorned with Peridot, a beautiful olive green stone.

The designer ring is a jewel that's very appreciated nowadays because it seduces many people looking for originality and uniqueness. Soandso, creator of timeless rings, offers you a wide variety of these accessories in different shapes and sizes. Don't hesitate to consult our online catalog to make your choice.