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Lichen: an original jewelry designer collection for women and men

Gold, oxidized silver or sterling silver necklace for women or men...

Whether it is a gold, oxidized silver or sterling silver necklace, the Lichen collection is original and mixed. The silver necklace for women is available in several versions, in order to adapt to each style. The thin chain used for this Lichen silver necklace brings feminity, which contrasts with the raw spirit of the pendant. The Lichen silver necklace for men is a jewel with character, whose authenticity is accentuated in the oxidized model. The Lichen sterling silver necklace can be worn alone, as a set with earrings or in association with another necklace. 

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Lichen collection: bracelets handmade for both men and women

To continue in this mixed line, the Lichen collection offers a leather and silver bracelet for women and men. The oxidized version makes an ideal leather and silver bracelet for men but is also suitable for bold women. Also, the gold and light leather version makes a perfect Lichen bracelet for women but is also suitable for men looking for a sophisticated and discreet look. As you can see, the bracelets handmade in the Lichen collection are unisex and match all styles thanks to the various variations!

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Lichen collection: dangling designer earrings

The original Lichen earrings sterling silver complete this collection. The golden version will bring feminity and sophistication. The oxidized model of the original Lichen earrings silver will bring back the raw and authentic side of the collection. 

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