Who is behind soandso?

A woman, Sophie Pignodel, is the founder and creator of the brand...
Independent and discreet, her life path is that of a longtime adventurer who has multiplied life experiences.
Travelling in India and Asia, nourished by avant-garde professional creations and trained in table arts, Sophie one day gets involved in jewelry creation, just like one enters religion.

Guided by the audacity and intuition that constitute her, her skills as a background, she sets off on another adventure and creates soandso in 2007.

Nature and its elements are for her a true source of inspiration.

It is around them that she inscribes the original style of the brand. Over the seasons, the materials are transformed according to the territories, just like the soandso jewellery, which emerges according to Sophie's sensitivity.

Imperfection as a base, good craftsmanship as a Holy Grail.

Creation is never hazardous! Her perfectionist temperament leads her naturally towards the quest for aesthetic balance, but not just any balance. Here there is no symmetry...

Place for the cult of the imperfect!

Reaching and cultivating it requires discipline and patience. Faithful to herself, she takes up the challenge and honours the trade she learns "in situ" - by choosing partners and suppliers, among local craftsmen with unequalled jewellery experience.

Working patiently in search of demanding inspiration, Sophie seeks, finds and signs the brand's singular spirit and style.

Far from the imposed figures of fashion and freed from their language, the soandso creations come from the boutique-workshop in Aix-en-Provence, all imbued with the same raw and refined spirit, ennobled by the precise work of gold, bare or oxidized silver, vermeil or precious stones.

The mastery of contrast is also part of the soandso formula...

And the brand's DNA is here, in this seemingly simple equation...
But isn't that the essence of luxury? The sincerity of the materials, offered to the precise gesture of the craftsman.