Sincere jewelry


soandso's creations are designed and manufactured in Aix-en-Provence. 

The collections mix instinctive inspiration from nature's forms with perfectionist and genuine know-how. In search of a qualitative aesthetic truth, the work of Sophie, designer, is based on values that she holds dear and does not deviate from. Connected to the materials she cherishes, she watches for and cultivates in her manufacturing process, the meeting of the material with the asymmetry and the imperfection. Respectful of the alchemy that operates, she delivers collections adorned with sincerity and vibrant with natural energy.

Fair trade know-how


soandso advocates slow, silent creation and thus summons in its creative process, the art and patient work of yesteryear. It practices the short circuits of manufacture of the artisanal know-how and believes in the fidelity and the confidence with the professional partners. The hand shapes in conscience, in the respect of the materials and their value. 

Each piece bears the seal of a commitment to sincere and fair know-how, through the choice of materials, creative inspiration, and balance in the imperfection asserted.

Creation is an eternal restart. The material is precious and generous: it can be remodeled and reborn in another form. At soandso, we like to reuse materials and give them new life through recycling.