The art and manner at soandso?

Craftsmanship and materials: a collection of know-how, which we have the secret.

We could keep it, well and truly sealed like our jewels. Yes but no... our most precious manufacturing secret is sharing, in complete confidence. Since this chain passion galvanizes us, we propose to be a mesh of it. To each his own traditions! Here are ours, set with French excellence... well guarded.


First prerequisite of the manufacture: the model of a template, by jewellers and leatherworkers.


Direction the Drôme provençale, other bucolic districts of soandso. There, from the first model made in Aix-en-Provence, a mould is designed. By lost wax casting, the desired piece is made of metal. A craft technique, this process is the prerogative of shapes as fine as they are complex.


Polishing or setting, our jewels are finished to the finger and to the eye: ours. There, all the assembling takes place, by hand, whatever the combinations, objects of all our care.


A dirty word, certainly, but it galvanizes our jewels, permanently. Take solid silver 925 / 1000, or even brass for some - rare - of our references; deposit a layer of gold on it by electrolysis... Treated as is on the surface, this is our / your jewel prepared for a long time!


Goat leather, softening the Caillou collection, or cowhide, softening the Oursin collection, all our leathers are of French or Italian origin. Recognized for their excellence, the two megissiers we have chosen guarantee vegetable tanning: in other words, chrome-free. As a bonus to this sustainable development, these skin qualities acquire a patina over time. To be worn without moderation...

Leather goods

Since work does not always stop at metalworking, this renowned workshop is another precious ally. A master of small leather goods, from the sheathing of the leather to the polishing of the edges, it ensures that our bracelets are sewn by hand and that various subtleties are skilfully crafted. The air of nothing, the air of everything, it's all about details.

But then again...

Jewelry boxes, like jewels

Larch, pine, wagon planks sanded and bitumen-coated with Judean asphalt... Old desks reworked into confidential display cases... Creations from nowhere under the fire of a blacksmith working in the tradition of the trades of yesteryear: hot, with a hammer on the anvil. Home-made elbow grease or complementary know-how, nothing is too beautiful or singular to enhance our rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets.