soandso cultivates its love of raw, authentic and natural elements by moving its creations to worlds close to its own or by sharing its favourites in its boutique in Aix-en-Provence.

These collaborations, whether local or more distant, have in common an attachment to handmade work where nature is omnipresent!


Meeting with an exceptional place where contemporary art combines with the love of the vine and old stones. The Bancaou colection in silver then silver and gold was born, composed of small harmoniously irregular pieces, like an echo to the dry stones of the low walls of the Provençal landscapes.
To be found exclusively in the bookshop of the Château La Coste art center and in the soandso boutique in Aix-en-Provence.


Fallen under the spell of Motoko's creations during a Parisian escapade, Sophie, the creator of soandso, wanted to show this unique work in her boutique in Aix-en-Provence. The alchemy of Motoko's ceramic pieces and Sophie's jewelry makes sense. There is an air of resemblance in these creations which mix rough and smooth, exquisite simplicity with assured elegance.


South of France is the common setting for Mad and Len rotten pots and perfumes and soandso jewellery.
One finds there the passion of travels and materials offered by nature such as resin or volcanic stones. The perfumes are raw, devoid of pomp and craftsmanship.
The hand-forged cases inspired by the spirit of the apothecary's dispensaries at the beginning of the last century, halfway between sophistication and purity, harmonize perfectly in Sophie's boutique-workshop.


"The support of my painting is of great importance, a subtle play between the work of the painter and the response of this support. Wooden paper, restores, returns, absorbs and creates a matter of life in which I will seek and create. Randomness will guide me towards the unforeseen, where I did not think I would go, precisely where my artistic work begins".
These words of the artist make sense in Sophie's choice to highlight the works of the painter in the studio-boutique in Aix-en-Provence.

If sensitivity to an artist's work needs no explanation, it can resonate in common affinities. This is the case for Olivier Girault's paintings, whose landscapes as interiors, melted and luminous, subtly evoke the meeting between matter, intention and forms, promised to the miracles of chance. The soul of Sophie's jewels is embodied in this timeless nature, conducive to contemplation and reverie.
If soandso was a painting...